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The Reviewed.
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My Reviews are starting to grow in numbers, so I decided to make this list of my victims.
Red indicates a recently updated review.
Blue indicates a recently added review.

MegaMan Classic
MegaMan 1
MegaMan 2
MegaMan 3
MegaMan: The Wily Wars
MegaMan 4
MegaMan 5
MegaMan 6
MegaMan 7
MegaMan 8
MegaMan & Bass
MegaMan 9
MegaMan: The Power Battles
MegaMan 2: The Power Fighters
MegaMan: Anniversary Collection
MegaMan: Powered Up
MegaMan: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Gameboy)
MegaMan II (Gameboy)
MegaMan III (Gameboy)
MegaMan IV (Gameboy)
MegaMan V (Gameboy)

MegaMan X
MegaMan X
MegaMan X2
MegaMan X3
MegaMan X4
MegaMan X5
MegaMan Xtreme
MegaMan Xtreme 2: Soul Eraser
MegaMan X6 (Joke April Fool's Review)
MegaMan X6 (Actual Review)
MegaMan X8
Maverick Hunter X

MegaMan Battle Network
MegaMan: Battle Network
MegaMan: Battle Network 2
MegaMan: Network Transmission
MegaMan: Battle Network 3
MegaMan: Battle Chip Challenge
MegaMan: Battle Network 4 (Red Sun and Blue Moon)
MegaMan: Battle Network 4 Revisit
Rockman.exe 4.5 Real Operation
MegaMan: Battle Network 5 (Team ProtoMan and Team Colonel)
MegaMan: Battle Network 5 Twin Leaders DS
MegaMan: Battle Network 6

MegaMan Zero
MegaMan Zero
MegaMan Zero 2
MegaMan Zero 3
MegaMan Zero 4

MegaMan ZX
Mega Man ZX
Mega Man ZX Advent

Rebirth RockMan DS
Oh hell no, I don't want to review more BN games... please don't make me...

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Sunshine
Yoshi's Island DS

Donkey KONG
Diddy KONG Racing
Donkey KONG 64

Metroid II: Return of Samus
Metroid Fusion
Super Metroid

Pokémon Yellow

Mega Mari
Super Marisa World
Rosenkreuz Stilette
Duck Tales
Duck Tales 2
Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
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