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July 30, 2015, 12:10:36 AM

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I release an arranged version of Rugal Bernstein from The King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match -Final Edition- along with Omega Rugal from The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match.

Notes for Rugal:
- 1.0 Only!!
- Omega Rugal is included as a separate definition (*.def) file in Rugal's package.

Notes for Hotaru:

- Fixed a problem with Haigekishu.
- Corrected an AI problem during scramble mode.

Notes for Xiangfei:

- Corrected an AI problem during scramble mode.

Notes for all three:

- Overall stability has been improved.
- Compatibility with further content has been added.

As the thread title states, I also included updates for King and Psylocke.

The most important change for all of them system-wise is the meter cost now added to Force Shielding (1/2 super meter stock).

King does not play 100% differently, but there have been enough changes that she isn't the same as she used to be. I may put up a video detailing some new basic combos you can do, but the simple way to put it is that she can't dreamcancel any more and she now has Mirage Dance, a proximity throw from her 2k2 UM incarnation (and probably others, I don't know her other versions *that* well).

12 Jun 2015 - Myon updated 6-12-15

Myon v1.1
- Resolute Slash in Bravery damage increased, start up (the back dash) invicibility to projectiles added.
- Spiritual Limit Abandonment damage penalty removed, duration decreased from 10 seconds to 8.
- Perfect Cherry Blossom command changed, damage decreased.
- Samsara damage increased, start up time and hit rate decreased. Fixed effect not showing up.
- Mana Break cost decreased from 3000 to 2000. Decreased defense and inability to gain power for a short time after performing a Mana Break removed.
- Air Slasher damage increased.
- Insightful Sword damage increased.
- Supers and Mana Break now consume power during first frame of animation.
- Can now cancel to special/super attack from third or fourth hit of basic combo and crouching attack.
- Can now air dash cancel off of third hit of the aerial combo.
- Can now jump cancel off a crouching attack.
- Faster crouching at

31 May 2015 - Terry Bogard


now i can go back into hiding again
And this will probably be the last new character in this style from me.

Download from http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net.

Also pictured: one of two characters I will be working on next. I also have a surprise coming up for people that have played some of my really old stuff; I sat down and did a slight code touchup of one of my old, no-longer-PotS style CvS characters. They have more flexible juggling and a new command throw move inspired by their KoF 2k2UM incarnation in addition to Psylocke's Force Shield technique (but with meter cost). I'll be releasing that as a bonus sometime in June, maybe as early as next week, alongside a Psylocke update.

As the title states, Reimi and Yuka were also updated, mostly with the reversal system that most of my new characters are using.

Up next: Mary, and Ciel.


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