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Get them at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net.

Now for the unfun news. Komachi's still complete-ish, but I haven't been up to working on Touhou stuff. Instead I'll be working out some Variable Geo and some full game shenanigans. For the time being, I'm not going to be making any new Touhou or MB stuff; I'll probably be updating them with some new tricks I've learned recently, but not for a little while yet.

So, next up is either Jun Kubota or Chiho Masuda. Keep an eye on this thread for info.



I'm releasing a BETA version of Xiangfei.

A log what is and what isn't done:

- Movelist, movement and KOF2002UM behavior 100% complete.
- Includes (a basic) AI.
- Implementation of the scramble mode is experimental, incomplete and disabled by default.
- Some animations and/or edits are still missing.
- Compatibility with Hon-Fu by TORA is still missing.

I will not provide any further details as to the use, behavior and/or operation of the scramble mode until it is complete and do not make myself responsible if the user chooses to enable it.


Downloads -> Vans

Get them both at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/.

Reimi's changes are listed in her readme, but the big focus was tightening up the AI somewhat.

Next up: Aya + a scad of updates for Reimu, Meiling, and my custom Melty stuff. My WIP thread is here.

See you soon.


Get her at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/.

The changes to Reimu are kind of small but mostly deal with some hittime things I'd neglected to get done.
Aoko and Shiki, on the other hand, are a little more substantial; the AI's been updated with the methods I've been using for my Touhou characters.

Next up: Yuka Takeuchi, with an update for Reimi to make her a little bit fairer.

If you aren't already, follow my project thread for more updates on my upcoming releases.



05 Sep 2014 - Reimu Hakurei

Download at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/

Next release: Meiling, possibly Meiling + Aya but most likely just Meiling. Check this thread for more info about stuff before release.


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