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October 24, 2014, 02:16:51 AM

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I'm releasing a BETA version of Xiangfei.

A log what is and what isn't done:

- Movelist, movement and KOF2002UM behavior 100% complete.
- Includes (a basic) AI.
- Implementation of the scramble mode is experimental, incomplete and disabled by default.
- Some animations and/or edits are still missing.
- Compatibility with Hon-Fu by TORA is still missing.

I will not provide any further details as to the use, behavior and/or operation of the scramble mode until it is complete and do not make myself responsible if the user chooses to enable it.


Downloads -> Vans

Get them both at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/.

Reimi's changes are listed in her readme, but the big focus was tightening up the AI somewhat.

Next up: Aya + a scad of updates for Reimu, Meiling, and my custom Melty stuff. My WIP thread is here.

See you soon.


Get her at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/.

The changes to Reimu are kind of small but mostly deal with some hittime things I'd neglected to get done.
Aoko and Shiki, on the other hand, are a little more substantial; the AI's been updated with the methods I've been using for my Touhou characters.

Next up: Yuka Takeuchi, with an update for Reimi to make her a little bit fairer.

If you aren't already, follow my project thread for more updates on my upcoming releases.



05 Sep 2014 - Reimu Hakurei

Download at http://zerosennin.trinitymugen.net/

Next release: Meiling, possibly Meiling + Aya but most likely just Meiling. Check this thread for more info about stuff before release.



30 Aug 2014 - Kula Diamond

As always, special thanks to everyone for their help and feedback. Get her in my folder.
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