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MegaMan Games I am not planning to review.
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 For those wondering I do not plan to review every MegaMan game ever, largely because some are too obsurce to find, and thus not really worth rating. Others, such as Rock Board, just suck. This list is tenative and may change, the bolded entries are new.

Rock Board (NES)
Super Adventure RockMan (PSX/Sega Saturn)
MegaMan (pc)
MegaMan III (pc)
RockMan Stratedgy (pc)
RockMan and Forte (WonderSwan)
Any Legends game
RockMan.EXE WonderSwan (WonderSwan [DUH!])
RockMan.EXE: TAME (AC)
RockMan.EXE: Phantom of Network (Mobile Phone)
Rockman.EXE N1 Battle (WonderSwan)

Shit, there's a lot of weird RockMan.EXE games. Who wants to bet Fox reviews all of these to spite me?

Quote from: Fox
I'll take Legends any day. *owns it* as well as R&F and RMEXE for Wonderswan, and RockBoard just to piss you off, ol' impalee.

Quote from: Double
The fact you took up more than the Legends games is worthy of praise. This was largely a test, you passed. You are now mod of the Member's Review's section.

Update: Due to my being poor, and PSP MegaMan game being reviewed is unlikely any time in the immediate future.

Update: Disregard the preceeding update.
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