Author Topic: First Impression: Bionic Commando (Demo: 360\PS3)  (Read 2846 times)

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First Impression: Bionic Commando (Demo: 360\PS3)
« on: April 30, 2009, 09:18:12 PM »
So I got a chance to try out the 8-player multiplayer demo, and I wasn't too impressed.

Right off the bat, it's a single Deathmatch game mode is all the demo is.  There's no support for friends or parties, only 2 maps I'm aware of, and sure there's weapons but in the end this demo has less replay value than your average shooter.  It has less replay value than ReArmed.  Kind of a shame, given how this game could've been.

So I'll chalk up poor management right away on this demo release.  Since it's a multiplayer-only demo, you don't get to check out anything or try to find out what does what.  You can check out the controls by waiting for the game to load the map, but that's hardly slow enough for you to take in the controls.

The bionic arm handles in a very vague fashion.  I was having a lot of trouble even trying to find out how the thing worked and in the end, I just completely gave up trying to use it.  You have two melee attacks, a weak and a heavy punch.  These are short range and don't always work, for reasons of lag.  Nobody I've seen has used the weak punch simply because the heavy punch more often than not does a 1-hit kill.

The actual shooting aspect is oversimplified even for a third person shooter.  Pretty much, if you've got the SMG or Sniper rifle, you'll get easy kills guaranteed.  Even more so because the Sniper -is- a one hit kill weapon, not just for headshots.  What's more disappointing is that the selection of weapons is rather... Generic, at best.  Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper rifle.  That's pretty much your standard fare for weapons.  Just use the over the shoulder view and you'll get kills while camping from one spot on the entire map.

I'm not planning on taking this for a second run, I didn't really enjoy my first run thoroughly.  It's not as groundbreaking as I thought it could've been.  Out of the entire matches I played, I only saw 1, maybe 2 people use the bionic arm feature.

The music... Pretty much it's just consisting of original Bionic Commando tunes only made either mellow, sad, or orchestra-dramatic.  The sound effects: The Pistol shares almost the exact same sound as the SMG.  That should say enough.

As far as the graphics go, I didn't see any special improvement, just looks like another one of today's claimed-to-be "groundbreakers".  The multiplayer models are brightly colored and in fact glow.

This was a terrible excuse for a demo.  It's not left a good impression with me for the final game.  I think I'll just sit Bionic Commando out and watch the inevitably emo cutscenes on YouTube.  I say that because the music's got that "oh this game is about an emo guy" tone.