Author Topic: Woobar v4, updated (again), uploaded and ready for action.  (Read 18966 times)

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Woobar v4, updated (again), uploaded and ready for action.
« on: April 15, 2006, 08:17:12 AM »
LOL, let's say switching to new board motivated me to update a little my crappy 'ol creation. It's time to take a step into the future and use the god damn doubleres = 4 ;]

Some history behind the project:
Inspired by tatsu great lifebar and awsome but still buggy system I decided to do something similar, I mean a lifebar with space for nice looking character face pictures but without a system like tatsu implemented (reason: I can't code...), I'm using my lifebar with my own private game. Sad thing is it is not ment for lazy people as it requires some sprite adding to all of the characters. Though I believe somebody may still give it a go. This doubleres = 4 version is still lets say in a beta stage pretty much done, if you find some problems please let me know. Latelly I don't have so many free time as I had in the past to test.

What's new v.0.2:
  • smoother graphics
  • more of my 'made in paint' original crappy font (just cause you hate it :P)

What's new v.0.3:
  • some HP value adjustment, P1 lifebar was buggy last time!
  • combo font with gradient effect
  • some minor changes in the code

New version looks like this:


In order to use it fully, you will need two additional things: eye icons and big face portraits. Getting face portraits is easy, you can look at where Tatsu prepared some of them (those fits perfectly) or check this topic as I'll will be add some of my works from time to time.

Eye icons are custom made by me, so far I made more than 120 of them, they are available at in separate packages. Rest will be added to the existing archives later on. Eye icons needs to be placed in character sff at value: 9000,3.

Please remember to change the Value of Time to 999 in mugen.cfg

Street Fighter




Guilty Gear

King of Fighters



NOTE: Some people complained at Silly Guild about the font that is why I decided to make another version with different one, probably not original but ripped from some game. Basically it was also made for you so Iím waiting for suggestions which font should be used!

Special thanks goes to:
  • Sophie.x for allowing my modification to be published.
  • Vans for great announcer and moral support :]
  • DJ-Van for EVE-Battle lifebar
  • Tatsu for a great lifebar

Feedback is more than welcome!

In case you don't know how to add the necessary images check the spoiler below!
[spoiler]Finally here is the small two screens tutorial explaining how to add big face portraits and eye icons in case there are users who still don't know how to do that ;]
First of all get yourselves Fighters Factory. Beside this program you will also need: Big face portrait (some good ones were made by tatsu and are available at and eye icons.
Now launch the program and look:

1. Click on Sprites, choose Open and select sff file of the character you want to edit.
2. Hold and move it to the very right end.
3. Click on the Add button.

4. Look for the pcx graphic containing big face picture or eye icon.
5. In group field change the 0 to 9000.
6a. BIG FACE PORTRAITS. In Image field change the value to 2.
6b. EYE ICON. In Image field change the value to 3.
7a. BIG FACE PORTRAITS. In most cases (concerning Tatsu portraits) X should be set to 0 and Y to 10.
7b. EYE ICON. Set X and Y to 1.
8. Make sure that Shared Palette isn't ticked.
Confirm and save. (Sprites/save). That's pretty much it.
Of course you must add big face portraits and eye icons separately. Also note that tatsu portraits are in gif formats, so you must convert them to pcx <- use your favorite graphics editor (ASDSee can do that as well.)[/spoiler]

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Re: Woobar v4, updated, uploaded and ready for action.
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2006, 04:35:09 AM »
I admit, it looks great still making or finding these is quite tricky as it is difficult to get high resolution gfx with all the fighters, most of the games (eg. KOF series) unfortunatelly contains low-res portraits. :'(

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Re: Woobar v4, updated (again), uploaded and ready for action.
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2006, 03:11:00 PM »
The Unspecified/Capcom link leads to a 404.  :-\

Oh btw, hi guys. ;)

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Re: Woobar v4, updated (again), uploaded and ready for action.
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2007, 01:09:04 PM »
I Can't Down The Woobar!!!