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Duck Tales 2
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Intro: During the past RR Week, I reviewed the NES game Duck Tales, and in so doing discovered it had a sequel I and Iím willing to bet many, did not know about. Naturally I decided to play it to see how it was.

Gameplay: The gameplay is nearly identical to that of Duck Tales 1. You still use the pogo stick attack as your primary attack, but it has been changed you now hold down B instead of down to use it, which is actually an improvement. The only other new mechanics is that Scrooge can now grab and pull certain objects, and use his cane to hang off hooks. Thereís a dude hidden in three of the stages that upgrades three of your abilities so you can get to areas you couldnít before, making the game a little less linear than the previous game. You still go around through stages looking for treasures etc etc.

However, this time around you donít get scored at the end of the game based on how much money you have, you instead now have access to a shop with ludicrously high prices:

Also the bastard has the nerve to charge you for one of the map pieces he wanted you to find. REALLY. Which on the map pieces, there are a total of one in each level, many are just hidden in silly places like behind walls ala Bramble Scramble, but a couple of them actually use puzzles for you to get them, which I found interesting at least.

This time around there isnít as much level re-use until the end, like in the last game where you visited Transylvania three times. There is one exception though, upon finding the last map piece you are immediately thrown out of the level you are in, which you have to complete later. All in all, itís just a little better than the preceding game so Iíll give it one more point.
17 out of 20

Music: Supposedly the music is done by ďYuukichanís PapaĒ of MegaMan 1 and 2 fame, I say supposedly as the game HAS NO CREDITS, so my word is entirely based on Wikipedia. Despite that the music is pretty bland, mostly like it was done as an afterthought, nothing is really bad but I expected a bit more from the guy who gave us MegaMan 2ís music, and nothing stands up to the Moon Theme from the previous game.
12 out of 15

Translation: The game still has a good deal of dialogue text, and as far as I can tell nothing is wrong with any of it.
10 out of 10

Length: The game manages to one up the previous game by having an amazing six stages. I donít need to remind you that this game was made in 1993, the same year Mega Man 6 came out (Duck Tales 2 came out a month later actually), it goes without saying Mega Man 6, which was also made by Capcom obviously took advantage of the NES hardware more than this game.
11 out of 15

Rehash Factor: The game uses the previous games basic mechanics and whatnot like to expected of any sequel, but with 4 years in between games, they could have probably added more new stuff. I could also make a case for the game rehashing from itself because the bonus stage boss is the same as the one from Scotland.
11 out of 15

Plot: Scroogeís nephews find a map left my Scroogeís richer great grandfather Fergus McDuck that leads to a secret treasure, and so Scrooge goes an international plundering adventure again in an attempt to find the other 6 pieces of the map. So while this has a bit more plot than the previous game it still doesnít make that much sense, for example one of the map pieces is on a boat in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, are you seriously telling me the boat didnít sink within the time it would have taken for Fergus to put it there and his great grandson to find it?
1 out of 10

Difficulty: Much like the preceding game, this one has three difficulties, and a two of the bosses are a bit more challenging than just jumping on their heads, but even then itís fairly easy.
13 out of 15

Total: 75/100 = 75 %

Duck Tales 2 is by no means a bad game, itís still pretty fun, but itís just not as fun as itís predecessor and was released a bit too late for anyone to care, and Iím willing to bet that the game hasnít aged well either and newer games would be positively bored.

Positive: It can be played in one sitting.

Negative: What kind of a name is Fergus? More seriously, itís a bit more linear and is more of the same.