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LONGEST THREAD TITLE EVER? MAYBE. First off this is not a review, it is merely impressions of the demo that recently came out. The full game is not due until Summer so donít bitch about it.

Intro: In case you arenít familiar with the original Rosenkreuz Stilette I suggest you read up on it. This game seems to be a sequel/side story as despite having mentioned and shown art for new bosses on the games page the demo only includes bosses from the original, albeit this time they mean business. This raises the question whatís with the new bosses, but oh well. So with that out of the way here are some impressions, and in addition an obscene amount of screens I took in my play through.

Gameplay: The game still plays like the NES MegaMan games, and the only real things to note is that you are now controlling a boss character from the first game Freudia. She can still slide, but she doesnít have a buster she instead uses her weapon from the first game as a default attack. This has weapon energy. Yes the default weapon has limited energy. I really donít know what else to say besides that itís a rather retarded choice.

Length: Itís a F***ING demo itís only three stages.

Rehash Factor: The demo at least milks the previous game to absurd levels, the music is exactly the same as the first game, hopefully this will be changed for the final release. In addition with a few exceptions the stages are very similar to the originals but now only much harder.


Difficulty: MegaMari best move over as  it looks like there will be a new hardest MegaMan themed game in town.


As shown above, the stage select placements are identical which leads me to the impression that the other bosses are likely going to be back. ( I would like to take this time to say that the fact that Schwer-Muta gets a new stage is both awesome and terrifying)

Anyways, I decide to kill the ToadMan ripoff first. As mentioned above note Freudiaís default weapon has energy.

This isnít as bad as it looks, really.

Leap of faith gameplay, yay!

And so I arrived at the ToadMan ripoff, this wonít take long.


Luckily I had more than one life so her new Storm Eagle powers were not enough to kill me. She has the ability to fly now and has no problem using the Rain Flush in the air where you canít hit her to stop it forcing you to run under her and use her as a makeshift umbrella. She also has some new weird pink move thing you see there.

Her new techniques were not enough to save her though, as I kicked her ass and gained a weapon which was actually an attack Freudia used in the last game as shown above. But Zwinger? Well whatever.

And so I moved onto the next stage to kill Zorne the Bomberman ripoff, who is now apparently living in TomahawkManís stageÖ after she set it on fire anyways.

As shown here Cross Tanks still exist, I tried to get it but died and then just ended up getting in the next life anyways.

Zorneís stage has a new major addition, vanish blocks, joy.

Well this was a different use of them Iíll admit, but it ended up killing me on my last life,

Ö uh what?

Undeterred, I returned and this time made it past the vanish block section to Zorne.

Zorne has a new sprite, but that doesnít matter.

At first she seems to fight exactly the same way as she did in the first gameÖ

However she can now lob more bombs at once and has a jump kick (not pictured), to my dismay she was not weak to my Zwinger.

She still has the ďHURRY UP!Ē attack.

What the fack? Anyways, with nowhere else to go I went to go get horribly owned by Grolla.

I finally found an extra lifeÖ and immediately use it.

To my dismay they kept the exact same mid-boss even, doesnít look go for much new content at least yet.

Here have some appropriate music:

I think the designers like epic sliding sequences for some reason.

Well crap.

And so I reach Grolla and as expected die. However I determined she is weak to Zwinger.


However I died, and at this point was too lazy to continue.

In conclusion, the game looks decent thus far and quite hard if these stages are any indication, but I do hope that there is actually new content in the finished product, and that they fix that whole default weapon having weapon energy thing.