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Jenet, Chizuru and Athena (KOF2002 UM style) released + updates.

I also uploaded updated versions of Hotaru, Rugal, Shingo and Xiangfei.

This is a first public release of my latest 3 works. These three are my most technical and innovative works in the last 3 years.


Notes for Jenet:
- The first character to use 100% accurate collision and alignment data from KOFXI.
- Adapted to KOF2002UM style.

Notes for Chizuru:
- Based on KOF98UM.
- HIGHLY technical character, the only accurate Chizuru in MUGEN.
- Uses a new technique for cloning moves that simulates the behavior from the game.
- This is the only Chizuru that accurately shares frame data with its clone.
- Her sprite file was made with a completely new and non-standard technique.
- Allows for compatibility with other characters for the sealing super. Users of a .vns-typ

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Merry Christmas everyone! Today I bear gifts in the form of The Unconquerable Snow Black's release!
Type-Mugen 1.0+ ---> Characters

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Although not required, make these changes to mugen.cfg

LayerSpriteMax = 2048
ExplodMax = 2048
HelperMax = 256

Call me when mugen can support a proper text system.

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CVS Sagat

Downloads → Characters → Jesuszilla

I am tired as hell after working on this with how fast I did it lol. Thanks again to everyone who watched the streams! All the recordings are available at

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The waifu Flash of SAO has been released! Major updates to the rest of the AP crew has also been released alongside her.

Senna v1.5
- SP Skills changed to Soul Triggers, new power up animation added
- Soul Triggers (SP Skills) can now be used outside of Awakening with reduced duration/effectiveness
- Performing Climax Drives (Setsu Gekka) while Soul Trigger (Divine Light) is active, extends its duration
- AP will now slowly regen over time outside of Awakening if your HP is below 20%
- Counter Hit mechanic implemented
- Starting AP at the beginning of a match reduced from 100 to 0
- Divine Light will now only start recovering life, power, and AP after the Soul Trigger activation, life regen rate decreased
- Visual effect of Divine Light will persist on Senna until the duration is over
- Fixed error where Shijuusen Ran could still recover 1 SP while Choukaifuku was s

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