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Hello everyone and sorry for the bad news.

Back in January, I lost my phone at MAGFest. In February, it was shipped back, but the tracking never updated. Apparently it ended up in Austin, and was either stolen from my doorstep or in-transit. This may or may not be related as there was also an iCloud breach earlier this year.

While I did open MUGEN commissions recently, I did not personally accept any. If you sent money to any account other than a PayPal account belonging to, then you were scammed.

Trinity MUGEN staff, including myself, cannot see your passwords; they are encrypted in a database so you should be OK. Regardless, you are encouraged to change them. These thieves are sneaky, but they are not very smart.

Remember, Trinity MUGEN and MUGEN.NET are and always have been commercial-free, ad-free, and will never solicit you for money. We are not a warehouse, and remember, I don't download or provide retarded characters, either. I have been too busy for MUGEN this past year outside of MUGEN-NET so if anyone has contacted you with poor English pretending to be me and has provided you characters like Eric Cartman, it was not me.

The forum was running on SMF 2.0.9 which has known vulnerabilities. I am upgrading the software now. Change your passwords.

Scan your PC's NOW for ANY malicious scripts or tools. I found some on my system, and have no idea how they got there. and ipscan.exe are the two big offenders here. The rest just has to deal with an old MIDI player.

I have no idea where they even came from, but I did have a VPN open to my internal network on my router so I could remote in to my desktop from anywhere, so I suppose that's how they got in there (I stored the internal password in iCloud).

I don't even know Perl (its syntax is ugly, never bothered to learn it), so I have no idea what that script even did, but apparently it's bad. SCAN YOUR COMPUTER FOR ANY MALICIOUS SCRIPTS NOW!


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