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PotS Style Felicia for Child's Play Charity released! UPDATED 2018/06/14



$500 donation goal has been met, and I now release the Felicia I've made in honor of Child's Play Charity! Style is loosely based on Phantom.of.the.Server's signature gameplay!

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Alright she's been updated with AI and bug fixes! Her c.HK will still whiff on some thinner opponents up close such as KFM, but the hitboxes are accurate so I'm not going to change that. All FX are also in there as high resolution now. I also gave her back her VSav head boxes. I gave her a Liru palette too because it just seemed too fitting to not do.

Her AI I did mostly modify from the CvS2 version and I did it in only a couple of hours, so let me know if she does anything really strange.


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