Author Topic: Homura Akemi (updated 3-24-16)  (Read 10470 times)

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Homura Akemi (updated 3-24-16)
« on: March 24, 2016, 09:51:44 PM »

Homura has been updated 3-24-16.

I felt as though Homura was the most OP out of my 5 recent characters (due to her plethora of options) so I decided to give her some rebalancing. While her overall damage is lower and she's more resource reliant than ever, she has access to new tools which compliment her zoning prowess even more.

Homura v1.3
- New attack: Pipe Bomb implemented
- Fixed error where the meter for Void Field would stay on screen after performing Rebellion
- FN Minimi changed so it no longer gains 1 SP, it will now recover 50 AP outside of Awakening
- Fixed attribute where bullets fired from FN Minimi were registered as a Special instead of a Hyper projectile
- Artillery Strike renamed to "Danger Close", Ammo cost increased to 10, explosion damage increased.
- Homing rockets from Dread Chase and AP Boosted RPG-7 will now explode 2.5 seconds after firing (from 3)
- Dread Chase additional missle explosion damage decreased
- Void Impact damage decreased, but will teleport you closer to the opponent upon successful counter and launches the opponent straight up
- AP cost for rapid fire Desert Eagle shots while in Awakening decreased from 20 to 15
- Mortar Fire bomb initial impact damage decreased, SP boosted second Mortar explosion damage decreased
- Damage bonus from SP boosted RPG-7 decreased from 20% to 10%
- SP cost for all Spatial Movements increased to 2 outside of Awakening, cost will decrease to 1 SP while in Awakening
- Increased start up and recovery frames for Reload (animation time increased)
- Reload remapped to the "B" button
- Air normal attack damage decreased
- New super portrait
- Adjusted more misaligned hitsparks
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