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« on: January 08, 2016, 03:56:05 PM »
On one hand, I have failed to deliver a certain original sprited remake of an earlier character I hoped to do so for a looong time (and maaan 2015 was a very slow year when it comes to stuff I've put out). On the other hand.....

Here's a Marvel supervillain to make up for my slow previous year. He's been based on his Marvel vs. Capcom 2 appearance with the few attacks from Marvel Super Heroes attacks brought back, making him one hell of a galactic madman who earned his place as a MSH boss. As a change of pace from the custom creations I am known for, this time I've aimed to make him as source-accurate as I could have mustered, which took me longer than I've expected. This means carrying over a number of dirty tricks he had in his appearances (including at least one thing some may not have expected me to bring over to this conversion, maybe few have tho', knowing me). I may have missed a few possible things by a few miles, but the few folks I let them test before release have said he feels pretty close to the source, so..... yeah I'd say that's quite a relatively special infinity gem I've carved here. (Considering how many of my habits/subsystems/tricks that I was employing in my custom characters I had to eschew while developing this conversion, I do mean it.)
[spoiler=More Screenshots]

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[spoiler]Funny how in the storyboard of the old character I did I was hoping to remake had Thanos abduct that character. And here I am now: having coded Thanos like he hijacked my attention from practicing graphics. Now that I got him out of the system, maybe one day Dink Smallwood will finally grace mugen again in a form that would really show how far I've gone as a mugen creator. That's assuming nothing would take my attention in the meantime, which knowing me.......[/spoiler]