Author Topic: CVS Dee Jay, all CVS2 characters updated.  (Read 3334 times)

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CVS Dee Jay, all CVS2 characters updated.
« on: May 17, 2015, 12:17:54 AM »

Dee Jay has been released, and all Capcom vs. SNK 2 characters have been updated!

System Changes:
  • Added command buffering. HUGE thanks goes to Vans for the base system and the Dolphin emulator team for making an emulator with framestep!
  • Added AI. That's the main reason this update took so long. Everybody needed it, and I had to code it for everybody. I hope it leaves you sufficiently salty.
  • Switched to 1.0 officially. It's time people moved on.
  • Proper jump behavior.
  • Fixed bug in EX-Groove that always enabled air guard if Counter Movement was activated.
  • Proper turbo adjustments.
  • Removed all velmuls in system movements in favor of veladds, like Capcom always does.
  • Fixed Custom Combo so that they can enter specials and supers anytime from basics (just like in CvS2)
  • Fixed all hittimes and pausetimes (except Bluestreak because a lot of that was designed pretty tightly and I didn't want to break anything)

  • Added play-through-animation code that they actually did with him a lot.
  • Fixed damage for Eagle's throws. Can't believe I forgot to change the values from... whoever I based him on.
  • Fixed dash velocities.

  • New run animation.
  • Lots of movement adjustments.

  • Complete recode. He plays entirely different to how he did before.

M. Bison:
  • Fixed hittimes for Crazy Buffalo. Lvl.2 cancels should work more properly now.

  • Just general bug fixes for any that might have been brought up.
  • Added AI by Tunglashor. Thanks!

All in the usual spot!
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