Author Topic: Butt-Head released (also, Beavis and Sentro updated)  (Read 2784 times)

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Butt-Head released (also, Beavis and Sentro updated)
« on: November 26, 2014, 08:05:47 PM »

After a number of delays caused by many circumstances I had little to no control of, I've finally gotten Butt-Head out of the gate. I wasn't exactly sure what I was thinking back when I hoped to produce three original sprited characters by myself, but at least I did one of them. In the meantime I also took the opportunity to give Beavis a little bit of an update.

Beavis changelist:
  • New Standing Far Ligtht Punch Animation
  • New Aerial Guard Animation
  • Extended timeover lose animation
  • New custom state animations for collapse and shock
  • Air Throw given
  • Lightbulb super spark, carried over from Butt-Head
  • Special intro against Butt-head from the same author
  • Fixed the "victim faces the other way" bug in Violent Restitution by making the victim always face Butt-Head
  • Tweaked the command priority a bit so the LP+LK+direction gives a dodge rather than a command move attack
  • More voices there and there

[spoiler=Butthead screenshots]


After a bit of feedback from Balthazar I also gave Sentro a bit of an update as well.
  • Mousers now detach themselves from the opponent when the round is over
  • Rolling Mines now shall only hit once for sure
  • Energy Pills don't leave the screen
  • Removed the "touch" collision damage of Robo-Rygars
  • Tweaked the attitudes of Jet Transformation flights
  • Restricted the Funnel Swarm to be only done if there isn't any Funnel onscreen to begin with
  • The stat screen now stays in for no longer than 5 seconds after being done calculating every stat
  • Some after-defeat debrises now adjust their angles to remain flat

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