Author Topic: Codes to beat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!  (Read 5883 times)

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Codes to beat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
« on: September 13, 2013, 01:50:23 PM »
I have moved on from Guild. I have no intention of going back, no intention of speaking with anyone, and no intention of arguing with anyone. I do not understand how, despite me being away, you choose to give me so much power. You take every word I say seriously, when I am just trying to have fun like everybody else.

I have an "other fucks" section in my readme, where I have called out people. I got the idea from Most Mysterious, one of the funniest guys in MUGEN, and thought I'd continue the tradition, as does The None. I did this for years without anyone complaining about it... Until I left Guild. I had no idea that deciding to leave would give me the most power of anybody else there, yet here we are.

I'm here just doing my own thing, still doing what I love to do, still dealing with my own problems, both in my fucked up head and with the occasional bullshit surrounding me, but overall, dealing with a lot less stress since I've left a place that loves to argue. Sure, every so often, I talk shit about so-and-so in a (somewhat) private manner, but hey, you guys clearly do the same, so who's really in the right here? Only difference is that you guys are constantly digging for any little negative thing I said as if it matters.

I comment on a Facebook post about some dude, so what? I get namedropped all the time, ALL THE TIME, by you guys at Guild, and you don't see me raising hell about it at Trinity MUGEN, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. The truth is, I'm around people I like (and am very grateful for them), I can be civil around people who dislike me (if you ever bothered to watch one of Homer's streams), and if it's someplace else, I can just shrug it off because the fact remains that there isn't a single thing I can do about it. But you can. Want to know what the solution is? It's quite simple. You're going to have one of those moments where you'll feel like such a smart monkey for solving a difficult problem (which is a GREAT feeling, by the way). Ready to hear it?

Stop talking. Stop worrying. Stop assuming that I have control over anyone but myself. Stop acting like this is some sort of nerdy war between two websites full of spies, snipers, pyros, and idea engineers. Then it's like magic! I will no longer have my powers! My minions are gone! Oh the agony! You've killed me! My plan for world domination has faild! Go celebrate and play Team Fortress 2 or Sonic and the Secret Rings and have a party with Ewoks. You no longer have to deal with me.

It really is that simple. I let you live your life, so please let me live mine. Most importantly, and this is the entire reason I really made this message, please don't drag my friends into it because I'm still going to be a dumbass sometimes and that's part of why they're there. The hate I've had for you guys stems around the very fact that you have done this, and CONTINUE to do this. So please stop.

[spoiler]I had no plans for world domination. You're thinking of Bia and Rolento.[/spoiler]

Just try to keep things peaceful.