Author Topic: MissingNo. and Chilli & Pepper (plus a Fangore update)  (Read 1683 times)

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MissingNo. and Chilli & Pepper (plus a Fangore update)
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:47:55 AM »
And thus today I finally release the two characters I wanted to be ready for this year's April Fools. Better late than ever, eh?

First of which is a take on a(n in)famous glitch pokemon, intended to be a boss char because of few of it's unique properties.

The second being another Battle Monsters conversion, this time being the tribal twins. Alongside them I also took the time to update Fangore a bit.

Fangore changelist:
-Hitboxwise decreased the priority of few of his basics
-Crouching Hard Punch stops hitting when the head is about to return
-Hitting limbs from Crouching Hard Punch and Crouching Hard Kick also affects Fangore himself
-Rib Ring Down now bounces off the ground
-Slowed down a bit of few of his basics
-Sped up his breaking (and bookended it with single frames that are not invincible)
-Fixed an oversight of forgetting to give a counter hit system to the winMugen version
-Standing hard kick launches the opponent higher upon counter hit
-Counter hits actually do more damage now
-Made a .def file for Mugen 1.1, so the Rib Rings can behave properly on 1.1's zoomed out stages

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