Author Topic: Kazu, Fangore released, Giygas and Kaf Ka updated  (Read 1814 times)

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Kazu, Fangore released, Giygas and Kaf Ka updated
« on: December 23, 2012, 02:01:47 PM »
Yes. It had to be done. The long awaited update for Giygas finally have been arrived. And to be honest, most of the work I have done was on the additional winposes and minigames, but suffice to say, I've managed to do much more progress on the update than I've expected, to the point that I did enough stuff to merit an update.

But wait, here's more! While I was struggling to work on the Giygas update until I've unexpectedly made some progress, I was working on two characters just in case to make up for me not delivering with the update. Firstly, we have another Battle Monster, this time it's an undead glam skeletal warrior (speaking of Battle Monsters, I gave Kaf Ka a minor update, and I usually don't do these minor updates unless these are critical, but when a fellow Battle Monster was coming, why not?). Secondly, we Arcana Heart character. Your eyes are not deceiving. You've expected it to be my first female character I've mugenized, and you'd be right if it's not for..... her being missing for some reason. Don't worry tho', her imaginary "brother" is still there, still willing to search through various places just to find his creator. Again, your eyes are not deceiving.

(Not posting Giygas pics here so you'd see what's new by yourself)
Kafka changelog:
-Added compatibility for Deathmask's Hammer throw and Blizzard's Friggin Ripoff of Sheeva
-Counter hits grant extra hittimes
-Cleaned up the big portrait
-Learned the AI about the Healing Stamp

Giygas changelog:
-Decreased the range of the wall of darkness even further
-Narrowed the side wave attacks a bit further
-During the death pit minigame, the screen would flash a certain color depending on pressing the correct button or not
-Four new minigames
-Five new winposes
-Slowed down the "pissed off energy wave barrage" a bit

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Also, merry Christmas.