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Omega Tiger Woods updated
« on: October 29, 2012, 08:17:08 AM »
So, you were expecting that I give Giygas an update, eh? Can't blame you, as I wanted to give it the treatment too, yet due to the factors that were out of control, I wasn't able to do enough for the update to merit a release in time, and I'll admit, it's not doing me any favors as it's frankly too long since I've promised an update somewhere. Oh well, at least i've managed to complete the update for The Icon as well.

  • Remodelled the damage dampener
  • Tweaked most of basic attacks
  • New stading hard attack (with the old one becoming a command normal)
  • Gave lag times to crouching medium and hard attacks
  • Slightly increased lag time on the special move now known as "Man Dies Jumping On His Head"
  • New special moves
  • A super is now actually animated!
  • The crane is slightly nerfed, redrawn and given sound cues
  • Recoded the AI
  • Imrpoved quality of some effects
  • Made the first part of "Man Dies Jumping On His Head" an overhead
  • New intro, win and lose poses
  • Liedown shatter effect given
  • A bunch of palettes given
  • Some other stuff I forgot to mention
Download here
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