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Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star
« on: November 14, 2009, 09:42:12 PM »
I put as much effort into this review as Capcom did in making the game.

What expecting MegaMan Zero 2? Well I decided I would start to rate the remaining games in no logical order, fuck you Mr. Spock, FUCK YOU.

Gameplay: The gameplay is radically different from the rest of the MegaMan games; I would be lying if I said most MegaMan gamers would enjoy this, as itís just too different for a lot of people (much like Legends). However, I will be rating this gameplay as neutral as possible. In the game there is the real world and the cyber world, you do minor tasks in the real world, but the main gameplay takes place in the cyber world, where you battle enemies. The battle system is basically your enemies are on the right; you are on the left, on a 3 by 6 grid. You can move on the nine right squares, and you attack the enemies using chips to reduce their hp, and eventually kill them. Chips have different effects and ranges; you can only use 30 in any battle. You can also gain Navi Chips, which let you summon one of the bosses to do an attack for you; you can only have 5 of these at once. Upon defeating enemies you gain either chips or Zenny. Zenny can be used to purchase upgrades. MegaMan regains full health after every battle, making it a tad painfully easy. Overall it's quite basic, and in all honesty I would recommend you read a plot summary and skip to 2.
12 out of 20

Music: Overall fairly unmemorable. A tad on the high pitched side as well, the battle themes are fairly decent though.
12 out of 15

Translation: Amazingly, there aren't any really bad mistranslations; the only ones I can find were deliberate,

10 out of 10

Length: Fairly long, I guess. There are boss type areas where you have to go solve special puzzles, such as doors locked with certain codes, or sliding on an iced ramp to reach the right place. There are a total of 5 of those and they are used largely to break up the plot into different sections. You also fight a few bosses on the internet area in order to proceed in the game as well. Overall for a BN game itís fairly decent.
14 out of 15

Rehash Factor: Battle Network is rather odd in the fact that most of the bosses are redesigns of existing MegaMan Bosses. Although being the first BN game the gameplay is totally new. So I'll give this a 15.
15 out of 15

Plot: The WWW are trying to get 4 uber programs to create the almighty Dream Virus, or some shit. What bothers me is I don't understand where they got the fourth program.
-Fire Program from the Oven's of ACDC Town
-Water Program from the Water Works
-Elec Program from the Power Plant
They never state where the Wood Program (Make your own jokes) comes from. This is a rather large part of the game to simply not explain, and thus costs this game a few points.
7 out of 10

Difficulty: After getting the basics of the game, it's painfully easy.
10 out of 15

Total: 80/100 = 80 %

*insert witty all encompassing comment here*

Positive: Isn't that Fire guy in this game?

Negative: The usage of the phrase Jack in.

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Re: Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star
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Just try to keep things peaceful.