Author Topic: Fox's Review: Unreal Tournament 3 (PC, PS3, 360)  (Read 2245 times)

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Fox's Review: Unreal Tournament 3 (PC, PS3, 360)
« on: June 11, 2009, 08:02:08 PM »
So yeah, I tried an FPS, I got an FPS.  Whoop de-fucking-doo.

But before I spew out all the things I see wrong, let me state that I feel the graphics and sound are un-noteworthy.  They look good from a programming aspect, but like MGS4, that's the only place they look good.  I know people will bitch and moan that I'm not giving this a fair shot, but honestly I don't think the game gave -me- a fair shot with my experience.

Naturally, as a newcomer to the series I tried out Campaign mode on the easiest of difficulties.  I was already familiar with a good bit of the game's modes up to that point.  It at least doesn't look bad in concept, some of the maps are exciting but only some.  Nothing really special, honestly.

But when dealing with the Bot A.I... Be ready to be frustrated.  It's difficulty setting applies for all bots, not just the opposing team.  So if you turn down the difficulty, expect your teammates to act like clueless retards just like the enemy.

But there's also a strange problem.  When given a vehicle they suddenly have skills of 2 tiers higher.  One bot in a Manta can take down 3 bots without doing Vehicular Manslaughter on any of them.  Taking a defense turret they suddenly become god-like shots and will be able to pick you off from the farthest of distances... At the "Casual" difficulty level.  ON FUCKING EASY.

I recall my experience on one map.  It was a 4-noded map with 1 support node designed for making Leviathan vehicles.  Every one of my team was either trying to run Orbs or just hover-boarding to their death.  Being the clever genius I am, I actually did something the enemy was also doing: Taking a vehicle.  Just me, and a tank.  No one else even bothering with an offensive that worked. We won the match in no time thanks to my timely and honestly smart decision.  My AI friends could've thought of that, but fairness in A.I is clearly out of the question.

You could just say "Well play a Public game", but the problem is I don't know anybody who'd want to play with me that wouldn't leave after one mission because I'm new to the game.  New not in the sense that I die a lot, but new in the sense that I started playing.

Online multiplayer isn't worth it because most of the servers end up just being filled with bots.  Even though it's possible to see what servers have players, the fact that there's so many servers with bots and only bots pretty much engraves just how dead in online play this game is after the free weekend.

Overall: One week and I'm already sick of it.