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Vanessa Updated 20/05/2009
« on: May 15, 2009, 11:54:55 AM »

KOF 2002 + KOF XI, AI included.
Downloads -> Characters -> Raposo -> Vanessa

*Updated 20/05/2009*
*Instant CorkScrew Puncher glitch removed;
*Correct hitsound for Dash Puncher;
*Aesthetic changes for Crazy Puncher hitanim types;
*Volume is now set to 0 instead of -60;
*Slightly more polished run-attack feature (may be subject for future changes, but not a big deal);
*Can perform taunt during run;
*Accurate XI sparks for light ground wave and grab;
*Puncher Weaving -> Dash Puncher -> Any other move cancel works properly (were already there... silly typo issues disabled it);
*Puncher Weaving -> Upper > Any other move cancel timing is much easier and accurate.
*Some AI patterns that did not made into the final release are back.
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