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Fox's Review: Synergy (Steam Version)
« on: February 17, 2009, 01:34:09 AM »
Synergy, a multiplayer Co-Op mod for Half-Life 2 has... I don't know.  There was an engine update that allowed it to run Episode 2 maps and added content from MINERVA and another Source engine game.

This won't be a standard review, since I can't really judge a mod of this type.  Not to mention it's also been completely stripped of it's previous versions' original content.  The odd HUD coloring, intuitive controls and even so much as unique player models beyond the usual Rebels standards have all been done away with entirely.

The unique weapons from the earlier version of Synergy have been completely removed, coding and models alike.  No fist weapons or SL2 Combat Rifle.  This is easily the most disappointing factor of the mod, because now it really doesn't have much over other co-op mods.  As a matter of fact, the orange box engine upgrade made it impossible for all of the old Synergy content to even work, including maps designed specifically FOR the mod.

As I also mentioned, you can't use customized Player Models any more, they too have been completely removed and the functionality to add them also completely destroyed.  The only way to use custom player models is to completely re-compile them to replace the Rebels.

People who recall the older version of Synergy will remember that every skin had it's own voice menu.  Well, unfortunately, this has been outright simplified into a standard text-based system with no bearing on player model.  So you can't show off witty banter mid-fight.

The HUD even had it's own twist before, being colored a slight green.  Now it's the standard Half-Life 2 HUD, which when added with the general lacking feeling this mod will give you, just makes you wonder why the hell VOPK called this the new version of 'Synergy'.

The worst part of it all is, that VPOK doesn't intend to change anything in regards to actual mod features any time soon.  He's going to finish up the "single player experience", then just work on maps instead actually making the mod worthwhile.  Only dedicated Synergy fans will still play this regardless.  So if you want a good HL2 Co-op mod but don't want to have to recode and steal the old version of Synergy, play Obsidian Conflict.  It's like Sven Coop for HL2.
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