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About this section.
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I'm posting the about me topic this time, bizzatch.

This section is for me, Double, the now running on 3 year impalee to take out my anger on various Video Games. For your own amusement a simliar section, Member's Review's is available for anyone to post in. You may reply to my reviews of awesomness if you want to. I rate on the following,

1. GamePlay: This is one of the most important part of and as such is worth 20 heads not 10! Furthermore this is the section I am most critical about, if a game sucks here chances are I will show it no mercy.

2. Music: Music isn't as important as gameplay, but having a god awful soundtrack blasting in the background is a good way to kill an otherwise decent game, or make a crappy one worse. This section is worth 15 heads.

3. Translation: Not something you would normally see in a review, having a few engrish quotes here and there is ok... but having a game where ever other quote could make any english teacher cringe, should not be acceptable in this day and age. 10 heads.

4. Length: Game Length is another thing I consider, although this is realtive. A Side Scroller can get a 15 in X amount of time, but an RPG game should take more than X for it to receive a 15.

5. Rehash Factor: Ah yes Rehashing, the reusing of old things without any real reason besides laziness on the developers part. Something that is disturbingly on the rise in games these days as expected, 15 heads. Games that are the first in their series do not get graded here unless it is a spinoff of an existing series, i.e. MegaMan Zero could get docked points here, MegaMan 1 could not. A game with no or little rehashing will get a 15, games with rehashing will receive lower scores.

6. Plot: 'The president has been kidnapped by ninjas! Are you bad enough of a dude to save him?' thats an example of a zero. Just about anything else will get higher. 10 points

7. Diffuculty: Again realtive I try to make this as fair as possible. Very easy games and very annoyingly hard games revieve lower scores. Mid level games and games that are hard but not absurdly hard (i.e. Battle Toads being absurdly hard) recieve higher scores. 15 points

In the case of compliations I also add in a new category called Bonus, which rates new content to the compliation, worth 15 points. Compliations will have the scores of the games that make them up also averaged into the final score.

In the case of remade games, such as the recent remakes of MMX1 and MM1, the games will be graded slightly differently. The categories being, Gameplay, Music, Translation, Length, Rehash Factor (this can now also be applied to games it once couldn't if a remake reuses ideas from its sequals, Powered Up actually does this), Plot, Bonus, and Diffuculty. However a new category has been created,

Retcon: IHX is largely responsible for this by changing some of the long accepted thoughts about MegaMan X, by killing off a character who didn't go missing until X4. This to me is stupid, anything that could potentially create a plot hole with the later games is mentioned here. This section is worth 10.

Remakes may or may not have the scores of the original game averaged in depending on whether or not the original game is included.

Update: Soon I'll be reviewing games that a large part of the game is designed to be Multiplayer. Hence a Multiplayer category is in the works, how much it will be worth or whether it would instead get factored into Gameplay is being considered right now.
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