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January 22, 2021, 03:58:18 PM

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Stages are lossless and 32bit. Mugen 1.1 only.

All stages can be changed to 4:3 or 16:9 in the .def file


Note: when switching to 16:9 make sure you change:

boundleft = -448
boundright = 448


boundleft = -341
boundright = 341

Yes, a strange system, but a fun one to design nevertheless. MUGEN 1.1 only due to the effects. Portrait by navetsea.

$500 donation goal has been met, and I now release the Felicia I've made in honor of Child's Play Charity! Style is loosely based on Phantom.of.the.Server's signature gameplay!

Downloads → Characters → Jesuszilla
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System changes
  • Buffering Step 2 (buffering and command interpretation now handled the same as CvS2).
  • Dizzy system fixes

Felicia changes
  • New portrait by Flowery-tan.
  • All hitboxes remade... for like the 5th time.

Buffering Step 2 detailed in buffering.vns. You can use the updated tool to create the commands in the same style with ease after base implementation. Please be aware that there are some differences between writing commands for this system and writing them for MUGEN.

Downloads → Characters → Jesuszilla
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I figure I've sat on him long enough. As always, special thanks to everyone who helped me out with him. Get him in my folder.


-Reduced the duration of Ouroboros

-Fixed super finish delay on warp Legion
-Tweaked clsns on Gram(all versions)

-Misc clsn tweaks
-Misc dmg tweaks
-Ground normals now have different properties based on whether he chained into them or not(will probably do the same for Psylocke soon)
-(EX)Gram all versions dmg increased
-(EX)Ame no Murakumo dmg increased
-PSX slash sounds added
-OTG -> Nagnarok -> Ouroboros bug fixed.
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