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16 Jun 2016 - Shana

Shana has been released along with updates with the rest of my AP characters.

Senna v1.3
- Being attacked by both of Taiga's EXE Finishers or Miyuki's Diamond Dust will now charge AP upon being hit
- Usage of EXE Finshers while Choukaifuku is active will temporarily pause its effects and duration
- Tsubaki Ran damage decreased
- Shijuusen damage increased
- Fixed error where dust effects would appear when using Oukahishousen while in the air
- Voice clips added when activating Awakening

Homura v1.4
- Being attacked by both of Taiga's EXE Finishers or Miyuki's Diamond Dust will now charge AP upon being hit
- Life decreased from 1000 to 900
- Dread Chase ammo cost increased from 3 to 4
- Pipebomb and Reinforced Bomb base detection range increased, bonus detection range from SP decreased, and will now detect vertical range
- Can now cancel to most

26 Apr 2016 - Akuma + All Chars Update

Sorry for the delay. There's still some intros I need to implement, but he's long overdue. I'll get to it whenever. All my other chars have been updated to his(Akuma's) standard as well. PLEASE refer to ReadMe for info. Get them in my folder.
Hey everyone, it's great to be back. Today I am releasing Sylvie from KOF XIV for mugen. Not a fan of 3D? I've got you covered! Behold the glory of 2D sprites (click the screens to magnify them).

I hope you enjoy this character.


Homura has been updated 3-24-16.

I felt as though Homura was the most OP out of my 5 recent characters (due to her plethora of options) so I decided to give her some rebalancing. While her overall damage is lower and she's more resource reliant than ever, she has access to new tools which compliment her zoning prowess even more.

Homura v1.3
- New attack: Pipe Bomb implemented
- Fixed error where the meter for Void Field would stay on screen after performing Rebellion
- FN Minimi changed so it no longer gains 1 SP, it will now recover 50 AP outside of Awakening
- Fixed attribute where bullets fired from FN Minimi were registered as a Special instead of a Hyper projectile
- Artillery Strike renamed to "Danger Close", Ammo cost increased to 10, explosion damage increased.
- Homing rockets from Dread Chase and AP Boosted RPG-7 will now explode 2.5 seconds after firing (from 3)
For a special someone...

Downloads → Characters → Jesuszilla

Happy Valentine's Day!
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