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Downloads => Characters => KoopaKoot.

02 May 2009 - Gato Released

Gato Futaba (King of Fighters XI) released.

Downloads => Characters => K.O.D
Disclaimer: I expect you to follow the following.

1. You can announce this on any other MUGEN website.

2. You will not nominate this release for any MUGEN related awards, unless I myself give permission in the particular set of awards, as the whole concept is a laughable farce.

2 a. Likewise I expect people who run MUGEN related awards not to put this release on the ballot.

3. You will not host this on any other site. This includes Mediafire and its ilk.

4. You will keep in mind that this release is not open source, it is closed and if you wish to use anything in it, please contact me first so I can tell you no.

5. You will keep in mind this is A BETA and as such is full of several noticeable problems. Further by using this character you agree that you are BETA TESTING and any any errors you encounter must be reported here, in this thread.

Slot Machine Mk II is very much like the old Slot Machine but with

12 Apr 2009 - Nameless released.

Downloads => Characters => Walrus-DASH Alliance.

05 Apr 2009 - K' and Freeman updated

Originally was going to release these updates along with Nameless's release but since he's taking longer than expected, I'm releasing the updates early.

Huge updates, be sure to download them and please check the readme for the stuff's added/fixed.

Download (direct links temporary) :

A small patch for K' to fix his HSDM portrait appearing incorrectly while being on the P2 side : http://kod.trinitymugen.net/k'patch.rar
Pages: 1 ... 38 39 [40]

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