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MvC2 Tron Bonne UPDATED 3/4/09 and MvC Kim Kaphwan updated 2/28/09.



Tron Bonne


- Recovery roll added
- Made Megaman hittable
- Fixed some statetype issues with Beacon Bomb
- Guarding issue with Beacon Bomb resolved
- Ownpal issue resolved
- Servbot Tank p
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K' changelog :
Additions :
-Crimson Star Road is now counter-only (except in the case of dream canceling)
-Heaven's Drive now has a higher hit success rate on an aerial opponent (XI)
-Knee Assault now knocks down (XI)
-Eins Trigger now gives a free juggle (XI)
-Narrow Spike now gives a free juggle (XI)
-System Update

Fixes :
-Fixed Second Shell juggling problems
-Randomized Chain Drive hitspark positioning
-Fixed all yaccel's
-Fixed Heaven's Drive air standing bug
-Fixed Minute Spike infinite corner juggle

Kyo/Kusanagi changelog :
-New Kusanagi portraits
-Added Oniyaki Weak second hit on counter
-Fixed all yaccel's
-Fixed basic chains
-Decreased Mu Shiki DM + SDM damage
-Minor Fixes
-System Update

Jae Hoon changelog :
Here is a stage i've been working on for a bit, it's 3-D and yes it has animations, hope you enjoy.
It's not perfect but trying to rip stages from this game in 3-D are nearly impossible.

Video -

Download - http://retrostage.trinitymugen.net/   - high res/mackx

Yeah, yeah, I'm releasing another update. Not much here. Just a few minor fixes.

  • Syntax updated to work with xnaMUGEN.
  • Removed duplicate anims.

  • Please Help Me! coding changed so that the helpers always arrive in 16 ticks. Thanks goes to LegendaryXM90 for the formula.
  • Rolling Scratch recoded and optimized. It should feel much better now.
  • Changed Hellcat coding so that the vel is set dependent on the opponent's height. If it looks incorrect on anyone, it's not my problem. If possible, ask the author to use a proper height.

Nothing specific for Andy, just a system update.

EDIT: Updated once again to fix syntax errors, remove redundant triggers.

KoopaKoot has updated his CFJ Zangief.

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