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Taiga v1.4
- Adjusted frame time of animations and enemy positioning of Curbstomp Symphony for better effect
- Curbstomp Symphony damage decreased
- Curbstomp Symphony start up increased
- Eye of the Tiger has the following changes:
   - Will now reduce the AP Cost of EX Drive attacks while in Awakening by 33%
   - Increase the AP gained from using EX Drive attacks outside of Awakening by 50%
   - Duration has been decreased from 15 to 10 seconds
- Opponent will no longer be able to air recover from the last hit of unawakened Demonic Chaos
- Ryuji will no longer drag knocked down opponents when attacking
- Ryuji run speed while attacking increased
- Adjusted transparency effect when summoning Ryuji
- Implemented Light and Medium versions of Demon Thrust
- Opponent will now fall faster when hit by the last attack of Demon Thrust
- Adjusted hit boxes of Demon

25 Dec 2015 - Miyuki Shiba

Merry Christmas! My present to you guys is the release of brocon! As always please refer to the readme for the full explanation regarding her moveset and abilites.

Type-Mugen 1.0+ ---> Characters

28 Nov 2015 - Lilith Aensland

Please refer to her ReadMe for info. Get her in my folder.

24 Nov 2015 - Blair Dame

A personal favor for my friend Dampir. Please refer to her Readme for info. Get her in my folder.

No Miyuki yet, but here's an early Thanksgiving gift with Clone Miko, Homucifer, Palmtop Tiger, and Lolicon being updated with numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and some new stuff.

Senna v1.2
- Super portrait for EXE Finishers added
- Shijusen consecutive slashe damage during Awakening increased
- Fixed error where helper-based attacks didn't charge or consume AP upon being blocked
- AP gain while being hit decreased
- Adjusted super spark during EXE Finishers

Homura v1.2
- Super portrait for EXE Finishers added
- Rebellion command changed to "QCFx2,a"
- Void Field will now replenish your ammo upon activation
- Artillery Strike missle fire rate decreased, damage increased
- Can now cancel crouching heavy attack with Special attacks, EX Drives, and EXE Finishers
- Can now cancel Desert Eagle and RPG-7 into EX Drives and EXE Finishers
- Fi
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