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This patch adds: All chars: Proper compatibility with announcer systems of other CvS2 chars by Jesuszilla and Rolento, fixes the bug in survival where the intro pops up on the lose screen.

Character-specific fixes:

Benimaru: Added intro against Kyo by Vans

Captain Commando: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid, fixed backwards Guard Cancel

Chun-Li: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid

Geese: Added intro with CvS2 Andy

Ingrid: Fixed Sun Burst issue

Kim: Added intro against Iori by Vans, Adelheid

King: Fixed Trap Shot bug in A-Groove,  fixed bug where K-Groove gauge would constantly deplete

Kyo: Added intro with Iori by Vans, Kyo by Vans

Nakoruru: Walk anim fixes + canceling into super from basics with full meter using only 1 button (1.0)

Rolento: Fixed yaccels in the jumping attacks

Yamazaki: Added intro against Chun-Li by Jmorphman

Zangief: Intro with Eagle