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Warusaki3 JoJo characters CNS patch

DIO, Final DIO, Jotaro: fixes ORA/MUDA loop bug

Jotaro: fixed fist effects not disappearing after air ORA

Stand users: added system10.cns to fix Stand Gauge d

0.081 Mb | 5436 Views | 2195 Downloads
Last accessed Today at 06:53:17 AM | Jesuszilla

Warusaki3 all CvS2 chars CNS patch

This patch adds: All chars: Proper compatibility with announcer systems of other CvS2 chars by Jesuszilla and Rolento, fixes the bug in survival where the intro pops up on the lose screen.

0.388 Mb | 8603 Views | 2825 Downloads
Last accessed Today at 01:02:56 PM | Jesuszilla


Nameless from the King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match. Original from K.O.D and Vans. Updated by KoopaKoot.
6.155 Mb | 7994 Views | 10083 Downloads
Last accessed Today at 01:18:26 PM | KoopaKoot

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