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Mugen Releases / Clippit by Most_Mysterious released
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:17:03 PM »

Quite a few number of people were wondering about this long-unreleased, long-lost (in fact, we actually lost this guy in a HDD crash circa 2006, leaving his cameo in Omega Tiger Woods all that was left of him) Most_Mysterious creation to be (re)made and released to the public. And now, HERE IT IS.
Download here
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Mugen Releases / Jesse released
« on: February 27, 2012, 03:57:05 AM »

....yeah you can so tell I had periods of boredom when I came up with this. Very loosely UMKT styled (which even few attempts at UMKT-estilo insanity there and there), he's about as off-kilter as he looks.
Download here
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Mugen Releases / Fakir, Slamdunk and "Space Warrior"
« on: January 16, 2012, 02:58:18 AM »
Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of you noticed that I barely released anything on a certain date this month. To make up for this, today I released a faqir and a basketballer, both from Shadow Fighter, as well as... something that's kinda daring even for someone like me.

By the way, in case you ware wondering, yes I was considering updating a certain character as well. All of that depends on certain circumstances however.
Logical Bends. And considering the certain future circumstances, better grab the characters FAST.

Mugen Releases / Kaf Ka (Kap Ka) from Battle Monsters
« on: December 01, 2011, 02:21:58 AM »
Well, yeah. Something I've managed to churn out in few days. Also the first time I've ever worked with a custom cornerpush system which was a necessity due to one of his methods of attacking.

Download here
Other stuff

Grit ings, people. Almost a month after my birthday, I've made updates to three of my chars, especially the long overdue one to the character that put me in the map (and he still happens to be the most downloaded of mine too. Perhaps people would finally give other creations a chance, perhaps?). These were actually live yesterday, but the now recurring curse screwed up things a bit, at least I've updated a bit of one of them some more. But yeah, here they go.
Especially Possessed Heita happens to be the first of my to use plentiful of 1.0 cappabilities (palette switching for the super mode, AI scalability) altho the 1.0 versions of the other two updated also make use of AI scalability as well, so few of you would finally be able to beat these guys on lower difficulty levels (on level 8 though, they are as beastly as I was always able to make them so). So yeah.

I can't believe I've attempted the updates of two of the characters since December 2010, but at least the wait is finally over now.

Changelist? Here's your changelist!
    Possessed Heita:
    • His transformation finally alters his pallete now (1.0 def only)
    • Some graphics now position in accordance to the screen proportion (1.0 def only)
    • Did some Segalow-esque reppetive juggle limiting for few moves (you can't juggle with Jinnai style two-step swing over and over unless you add something inbetween)
    • Changed the commands for Falcon Dive and Raptor Boost
    • Added Segalow-esque aerial rave homing
    • Tweaked his Jinnai style two-step swing
    • Remodelled the Raptor Boost, thanks Kamekaze BTW
    • Raptor Boost now jump-cancelable
    • Jumping from his C.HP now homes towards the opponent
    • Made an attempt to limit his basic throw (especially if he has the Super Armor on)
    • Made the Jyuunen knuckle extempt from Damage Dampending
    • Made the Falcon Dive affected by Damage Dampending
    • A certain song playing after Super Heita Mode Transformation
    • Tweaked the Super Armor
    • CLSNs mostly redone
    • Gave him a "Mid" Man's anti-air
    • Gave him airdashes
    • Gave him that projectile special from BBBR
    • Gave the Falcon Punch autoguard property in few frames before he's about to launch a punch
    • Recoded the juggle system
    • Lowered his defense a bit (97%)
    • Realigned Standing Hard Kick, Crouching Hard Punch, and Jinnai style two-step swing and got these moves make use of the posadds
    • Fixed the groove constantly switching before the actual fight when Heita gets his turn in turns mode.
    • You can now backdash out of guts run (also a thing I carried from the sequel)
    • Tweaked hitvelocities
    • Matches slidetimes with hittimes
    • You can cancel from landing states into supers
    • J.HP now puts aerial opponents into a custom state so you can combo after it
    • Man's anti-air has better recovery if used from Guts Run
    • Completely recoded the AI which (1.0 def only) makes use of the AILevel trigger too
    • The Super BG now consists of explods instead of helpers themselves
    • Some other things I don't quite remember now
      • Disabled aerial chains on low jumps
      • Jesuszilla redrew the small portrait
      • Updated the method of aerial rave homing
      • Updated the SUCKer punch wind psyhics a bit
      • Gave him four powerbars
      • Disabled crouching while running
      • Tweaked the gravity of non-EX Genocide Plasma Cutters a bit to give it a bit more recovery
      • Made the landing recovery of Genocide Plasma Cutter supercancellable
      • One new DM added
      • Few other stuff I won't bother mentioning
      • Matched the slidetimes with hittimes
      • Tweaked the jump physics
      • Modified aerial hitvels of many moves
      • Smoothened doing aerial basic attacks straight from jumps
      • Recoded the damage dampender
      • Recoded the juggle system that is now a hybrid of mugen's "good" ol' (three) jugglepoints and the NJS previously used by Dee Bee Kaw and UMKT Shang
      • Recoded the AI
      • Included DrKelexo's palettes
      • Horizontally nerfed the super jump
      • Made the backstab finish slightly flashier
      • Made the MatadoroSlip launch..... something shall it counter a helper projectile
      • Leap Shoulder Attack and Hop Low Kick made cancelable into from a sweep
        Dee Bee Kaw:
        • Made S.Y safer on block
        • Fixed an oversight of not giving Joseph Joestar projectiles fall.recovertime
        • Fixed velocity limiting from aerial attacks so it won't slow you down if you just do these from a simple jump
        • Neurotic system implemented
        • Guard crush system implemented
        • Four of the specials got EX versions
        • One new move given
        • Smoothened using basic attacks from a jump
        • Voiced by JesusZilla
        • With correct timing of a button press during non-EX Maherl Bombs you can bounce off one more
        • (1.0 def only) AI is now scalable from Mugen's AI Difficulty setting
        Obligatory screenies:

        Grab them all from the characters section.

        Mugen Releases / Dee Bee Kaw updated and UMKT Shang Tsung released
        « on: July 03, 2011, 11:46:12 AM »

        Hey, just want to know that I'm going for a trip that lasts about two weeks, so just before I go offline I released an update for Dee Bee Kaw as well as my kollab with MelvanaInChains (decided to host it myself considering I've done it with my previous collabs as well lol) in the form of UMKT Shang Tsung.

          Dee Bee Kaw's changelist from 0.98:
          • C.Y became mid-blockable
          • Slightly increased recovery times for S.Y and C.Z
          • Slightly lessened blockstuns for S.Y, F.Z, F.Y, C.X, C.Y, C.Z, his aerial basic moves, Bangy Bangy, RISING GRANDPA and aerial Gen'ei Kyaku
          • Slightly reduced lag times for J.X, all the drives except for Backwards ones
          • Streamlined recovery times for ground Gen'ei Kyaku, given slightly less priority for it too
          • Limited ATATATATATATA homing speed
          • S.Y deals slightly less damage
          • Limited hit framewindow of Pro at Bo a little bit more
          • C.Z travels a bit further
          • Fixed 360 command detection
          • Won't be able to cancel Rising Knee into J.X if blocked
          • Hamster Chariot became a Lv.2 super, increasing the damage and changing the command in effect
          • SGHS travels slightly faster
          • Slightly increased the reach of S.Z
          • Made a chain limiting that's kinda a hybrid of Darkstalkers/KOF approach (chained far basic attacks are not special cancelable)
          • Additionally, only the close S.Z and C.Z variants are both special/super-cancelable and jump-cancelable, no matter if chained or not
          • Standing command moves retain run momentum
          • Made hitpauses actually consistent between winmugen and 1.0 versions
          • Fixed the typo on 1.0 def files's name
          • Five new moves given
          • One new intropose given

          Get them both at
        Logical Bends.

        Mugen Releases / Dee Bee Kaw, Uppercut and Shadow Kouma threesome
        « on: April 01, 2011, 02:38:28 AM »

        Yup, your eyes are not deceiving. In fact, this is based on my very early (2002/2003) attempt at a mugen character who was also a Big Eli headswap. Except this time, XCB himself actually gave me permission to curiously remake this lost (along with the hard drive it was on up to 2006) relic, sporting huge combo potential, an unique juggle system, and - as many of you can guess - a spirit of a Most_Mysterious creation. You are in for a rare treat indeed.

        I also have released this:
        The name's Uppercut, by the way well as an update of Shadow Kouma. It's mostly the "stable" side of Kouma that was updated, but the "random" side also got fiddled with as well.

        Grab them at Logical Bends.


          Yup, I just brought the other action movie star inspired Battle K-Road character. I've also updated not only my other action movie star inspired Battle K-Road character a bit, but even overhauled a creation of a friend of mine (indeed, he used to be kinda rough in edges, glad I would help. Speaking of Big Bang Beat characters, maybe I'll get around updating my Heita, who knows).

          Wolf's changes since last version:
          • Remodelled damage dampening
          • Mangled around with the CLSN
          • Changed the power distribution
          • Toned down the previously existing super moves a bit
          • No envshakes if the Super KO BG is on
          • Made the throws comboable into
          • Aerial punches cancellable into his aerial specials
          • Negative edge given
          • Two new moves
          • Tweaked the AI a bit

          Ren idagawa's change's since last version:
          • He stocks now 4 powerlevels at most, because 5 was kinda too much.
          • Inverted the control scheme (though the alternative .cmd is also included)
          • Supercancels given
          • You can now attack during an airdash
          • Recoded the damage dampener once again, now kinda styled after Melty Blood's.
          • Thrown stuff, as well as Pachiki/GO TO HELL now affected by the damage dampener
          • Gave GO TO HELL two levels, depending on your timing
          • Modified the way can/molotov/brick hitting works
          • Thrown stuff can bounce off walls too
          • QCF+Attacks can be cancellable into Tobe Ora
          • Yaki Ire can be done on air now
          • Gave him some Segalow-esque juggle limiting (basically, you can't juggle Crouching Hard Attack/Tobe Ora/Yaki Ire into itself before hitting with something else beforehand)
          • Aerial raves now home towards the opponent
          • Effects of the enhance now last between rounds
          • Nigasu Ka Yo should look a bit better now
          • B-Counter should be a bit easier to perform
          • Implemented a juggle-weight system
          • Gave him a bit more voices
          • Realigned air basic attacks a bit
          • Random tweaks here and there
          • Five new moves

          From this place, you shall know the drill. Also, Merry Christmas.

          Mugen Releases / Rage Rock Updated By... The_None?
          « on: December 08, 2010, 10:37:19 AM »

          Hosted on Logical Bends because hey, Vans decided that I would be the one to host this update, so yeah.

          Yup. On this day I've released a pretty old-school-styled conversion of Battle K-Road's Wolf. I've updated Mr.Bear as well, so here's a little changelist:
          • Actual crouching basics (and two more standing ones) added
          • Changed commands for Dragon Paw, Grizzly Lunge to fit in as special moves
          • Speaking of, the special moves have two versions now
          • Revamped the Grizzly Lunge
          • Tweaked the AI a bit
          • New super
          • Some other tweaks
          • Added counter properties to few basic moves
          • One new palette
          And a slideshow of Wolf:

          Grab them at Logical Bends

          Mugen Releases / SF3 Alex by Most_Mysterious re-released
          « on: March 31, 2010, 10:44:16 PM »

          Because unbelievably enough, few people actually demanded it.

          Get him at Logical Bends

          Nuff said.

          • Adjusted some juggle properties
          • Adjusted some fall recovery properties
          • Given a sidestep
          • Increased range of the Air Throw
          • Tweaked the way air homing works
          • Tweaked jumping a bit
          • Non-EX SUCKer punches cancellable
          • New intro/winpose
          • New DM and HSDM
          • Spriteset has both eyes in the sprites with both halves of the face visible
          • Y uppercut target combo finisher now jump-cancellable
          • Successful non-EX MatadoroSlip stuns the opponent for a bit longer
          • Given a "collapse" state just in case for Herman's S.DIO's Punishment
          • An explosion effect for Send In The Clones
          • Altered the trajectory for the final hit of Send In The Clones
          • Fatality Potential added for No Holds Barred Beatdown/Send in the clones
          • Few other stuff I won't bother mentioning
          Shadow Kouma:
          • New "moveset":Stability Stasis
          • Also, tweaks on Segalow's jumping and homing has been carried over as well
          • Tweaked his HSDM
          • Mostly a balance/presentation tweak, due to my laziness,lack of time, and focus being put on the other three, so If you've hoped for a diffrent kind of horror this time, then I'm sorry to dissapoint you. Next update maybe....
          • Also, fixed the way QTEs reject helpers, which is important considering one thing I gave for Segalow
          • One new attack
          Mr. Bear, from Battle K-Road:
          • The new "guy", done somewhat per KOD/KoopaKoot's "request" of sorts :P
          • As he was a final boss in the source, beware of the SNK Boss vibe

          Grab them at Logical Bends

          Mugen Releases / Gi̛yg͏as̵ ̨by ̢Th̨e_No̶n̢e
          « on: December 24, 2009, 01:29:18 PM »

          ̧Y͠up,̵ ͠I was҉ al̨s̨o̡ ̀c̨o̕ok̵iǹg ̴u͞p̀ m̛y ͘own ͠vi͝sion o͡f͜ a͜ ̴cert̷a̸in ̶E̢a͝r̕t҉hB̶ǫưnd̸ c͟ha̧r̛ac͏t̴er͞. ̸I don'̕t w̷an͟t̡ ̡t͢o spoi̢l҉ ̧eve̢ry͏t͟h̡ìn͏g͢ ͢b̀y̵ ̸my̧se͡lf̶ ̀(not eve҉n ţe̕l҉l̛in͠g ̷in̨ ̛whaţ ́ki̡nd̡ of wayś th̛is v́i͞s͡i̸oǹ di̴f̡f̢er͟s ̕fr͢o͠m ̵th̕e͟ ̕o̕t͏h͟e̵r͝ ̨G͡i͏y͏ga̢s̸ ̛t̨ha̴t ̵w͜as ͘rel͝e͟a͢s҉e͠d),͡ ̶so si̕mp̨ly gra͢b him ̡a͞t̵ ҉Logic̸àl͟ ́ben͏d͜s and M̀E͠rrt҉ c̕h̀ryst͝nmae͟s.

          Yup, I've just cooked few more characters.....


          I was making this Rugal edit just to take a snap at a certain notorious individual. And that's not quite your regular Rugal edit.


          Another new release is a half-baked public beta of a Killer Instinct 2 character. Despite missing some stuff (fatalities, better damage values/dampender, and even a smart AI etc), he shall be fairly playable. This also marks the first time I was intending to make a fairly accurate conversion (you shall consider that perfect accuracy remains off-limits to me though).

          My first mayor release has recieved a pretty unsubstantial update. Among things, I've made him larger by default and made the scaling affect the hitspark positions, horizontal velocities etc.

          (Shadow) Kouma

          Yup, I was also making a Melty Blood character. All I can say now that as of now, he's a bit unnacurate to the source. And that may be an understatement.

          Grab them all at Logical Bends

          Random Shit Mk II / 2009/2010 shitucked
          « on: October 14, 2009, 09:52:50 AM »
          With that 2009 celebrity death wave, I figured that the thing shall have it's own topic.

          So yeah, Lou Albano turned out to be next.

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