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Mugen Releases / Helmet and Spark
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:47:12 AM »

Yeah, I'll admit that my last year was incredribly sparse when it comes to Mugen releases, especially as through the last few months I had a hard time getting myself to start another project of even half-way of a caliber as Dink. So to make up for that I've picked up two of the simpler side-projects I started in the meantime and did whatever came to mind with them.

One of them is the CPU opponent (not to say that the character is AI-only, it's just I ripped the spriteset of the CPU opponents') from Chatan Yarakuu Shanku The Karate Tournament and the other is a character from an unreleased Atari Jaguar game Thea Realm Fighters, and yes that is a super-charged Johnny Cage. They're both really loose conversions.
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Mugen Releases / Re: Dink Smallwood, part I+II
« on: July 24, 2017, 11:52:47 AM »
This forum may be not very active but I'll still bring it anyway

Dink now comes with two movesets as I've planned before. One more themed around magic, one (the one new to this update) more themed around weapons. And while I'll admit that graphicswise few things could use some refinement, at least that way I left some room for a further update down the line (not that major as I did pretty much what I've planned so far as of this update, but few extras when I'd be out to do alongside whatever my next project would be would be nice), not to mention I went so far with the character anyway that I would use some much needed rest and perhaps move on to other things and projects. Who knows, maybe one day I would deliver the one character I've always wanted to do, to the point that my last few original sprited characters I did so far (and perhaps the next few characters I may end up getting sidetracked for) would all lead up to it (ain't bringing up who that would be yet, but fingers crossed). Whatever the case, big thanks for sticking with me throrough these years.

Around 860-ish sprites in one year. Man did I went a long way.

Mugen Releases / Dink Smallwood, part I+II
« on: March 25, 2017, 12:06:58 PM »
Yes, lads. It's not a simple update. It's such an overhaul that he may as well be a completely new character.

After a long wait I've actually done it, at least half-way through (more on that soon). Completely overhauled both in terms of presentation and gameplay, this is a project I've been hoping to do for a really long time but ended up actually starting it at around last summer. There may be few blemishes along the way - especially regarding the spriting - but I hope what I've done shows just how far I have progressed as both a mugen coder and a spriter.

I actually have quite a scope for this project as I've intended this character to have two fighting styles totally not unlike my Possessed Heita, this project was just taking me so long (procastination issues be damned) that I've decided to release the character with the single complete moveset for now, hence the "part I". My work's not done yet, I will in fact continue working on the character so he would have the two movesets like I've initially planned, just hopefully this won't take me that long, much like I hope what I've released for today was worth the long wait. I myself wished the last few years were more productive release-wise, but with life you can't get some things quite you want I'd guess.
Get him at Logical Bends and stay tuned for a major update that would come in a few months if we'd get lucky.

Mugen Releases / Clippy beta
« on: April 01, 2016, 12:23:44 PM »
For real this time.

Wanted to remake one other of my early M_M characters, ended up revisiting that character instead. Could barely make it in time with few last-minute additions but I think I did enough for today. Just beware that he ended up being quite a force to be reckoned with.
Be careful what you wish for at Logical Bends

Mugen Releases / Thanos
« on: January 08, 2016, 01:56:05 PM »
On one hand, I have failed to deliver a certain original sprited remake of an earlier character I hoped to do so for a looong time (and maaan 2015 was a very slow year when it comes to stuff I've put out). On the other hand.....

Here's a Marvel supervillain to make up for my slow previous year. He's been based on his Marvel vs. Capcom 2 appearance with the few attacks from Marvel Super Heroes attacks brought back, making him one hell of a galactic madman who earned his place as a MSH boss. As a change of pace from the custom creations I am known for, this time I've aimed to make him as source-accurate as I could have mustered, which took me longer than I've expected. This means carrying over a number of dirty tricks he had in his appearances (including at least one thing some may not have expected me to bring over to this conversion, maybe few have tho', knowing me). I may have missed a few possible things by a few miles, but the few folks I let them test before release have said he feels pretty close to the source, so..... yeah I'd say that's quite a relatively special infinity gem I've carved here. (Considering how many of my habits/subsystems/tricks that I was employing in my custom characters I had to eschew while developing this conversion, I do mean it.)
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Mugen Releases / Dragon Tank released. Saibamen updated.
« on: June 28, 2015, 01:13:35 AM »

After at least a year or two of wait, the Dragon Tank has finally resurfaced. While I kept things relatively "simple" (it has all of the attacks based on the source game plus a headbutt if you'd damage one of his systems), beating this machine would be no easy task (at least not until you'd find a strategy to deal with it). Features an independently movable head.

The Saibamen have been also updated with sprites revamped by Chamat.
Logical Bends

Mugen Releases / Magic Geese
« on: March 31, 2015, 05:06:13 PM »
Hey kidz, wanna know what else is magic? So much magic that this other thing may seem mundane by comparsion? Today's latest mutha' of a goose:

For today's offering, everyone's favourite SNK villain has quit his criminal ways to become a stage magician of sorts. Being one of these "take an established character and diverge as far as possible" kinds of characters, he would be quite a companion to a fellow off-the-rocker edit of a SNK villain with CVS sprites. Certainly something to make up for not coming up with something more ambitious in time (I still hope to do that tho').
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Mugen Releases / Butt-Head released (also, Beavis and Sentro updated)
« on: November 26, 2014, 06:05:47 PM »

After a number of delays caused by many circumstances I had little to no control of, I've finally gotten Butt-Head out of the gate. I wasn't exactly sure what I was thinking back when I hoped to produce three original sprited characters by myself, but at least I did one of them. In the meantime I also took the opportunity to give Beavis a little bit of an update.

Beavis changelist:
  • New Standing Far Ligtht Punch Animation
  • New Aerial Guard Animation
  • Extended timeover lose animation
  • New custom state animations for collapse and shock
  • Air Throw given
  • Lightbulb super spark, carried over from Butt-Head
  • Special intro against Butt-head from the same author
  • Fixed the "victim faces the other way" bug in Violent Restitution by making the victim always face Butt-Head
  • Tweaked the command priority a bit so the LP+LK+direction gives a dodge rather than a command move attack
  • More voices there and there

After a bit of feedback from Balthazar I also gave Sentro a bit of an update as well.
  • Mousers now detach themselves from the opponent when the round is over
  • Rolling Mines now shall only hit once for sure
  • Energy Pills don't leave the screen
  • Removed the "touch" collision damage of Robo-Rygars
  • Tweaked the attitudes of Jet Transformation flights
  • Restricted the Funnel Swarm to be only done if there isn't any Funnel onscreen to begin with
  • The stat screen now stays in for no longer than 5 seconds after being done calculating every stat
  • Some after-defeat debrises now adjust their angles to remain flat

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Random Shit Mk II / Re: Doomed.
« on: March 03, 2014, 11:35:28 AM »
Yeah, it's been a while since the last time anyone of us posted on that thread.

But in the light of the recent Russia-Ukraine crisis, especially with the Russian Navy nearing close to the Polish borders, I'll just say, a second Cold War (or even worse) may be upon us.

Mugen Releases / Beavis
« on: December 21, 2013, 01:56:07 PM »

Your eyes are not deceiving. I've somehow managed to improve a bit as a spriter, simplistic artstyle aside.
So anyway, being a guy who feels like moving on to producing originally sprited content, I chose everyone's favorite dumbass metalhead as a graphics practice. Early reports state that, few cut corners there and there aside, I've somehow managed to nail the Mike Judge artstyle, all with my prowess of tracing and vectors. Not like that would be a guarantee that I would churn out even better looking custom characters, but if I would, then my 2014 is certainly shaping to be interesting.

Get him here, and uh... Happy Double Holidays, I'd guess.... heh-heh.
More screenshots:

Mugen Releases / MissingNo. and Chilli & Pepper (plus a Fangore update)
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:47:55 AM »
And thus today I finally release the two characters I wanted to be ready for this year's April Fools. Better late than ever, eh?

First of which is a take on a(n in)famous glitch pokemon, intended to be a boss char because of few of it's unique properties.

The second being another Battle Monsters conversion, this time being the tribal twins. Alongside them I also took the time to update Fangore a bit.

Fangore changelist:
-Hitboxwise decreased the priority of few of his basics
-Crouching Hard Punch stops hitting when the head is about to return
-Hitting limbs from Crouching Hard Punch and Crouching Hard Kick also affects Fangore himself
-Rib Ring Down now bounces off the ground
-Slowed down a bit of few of his basics
-Sped up his breaking (and bookended it with single frames that are not invincible)
-Fixed an oversight of forgetting to give a counter hit system to the winMugen version
-Standing hard kick launches the opponent higher upon counter hit
-Counter hits actually do more damage now
-Made a .def file for Mugen 1.1, so the Rib Rings can behave properly on 1.1's zoomed out stages

Logical Bends

Mugen Releases / Angus MacGreggor
« on: July 04, 2013, 01:17:34 PM »
For this year's April fools I was working on two characters but wasn't able to finish them in time, so Adamlexus had to take the spot.

Today's character is not one of them.
Started while I still had to finish said two characters, he was intended to be released alongside aformentioned WIPs as something to make up for such a long wait, but I decided that I'd rather release him now than putting him in a backburner until I'd be done with other stuff, and that's what I just did.

Get him somewhere there, and sorry for the wait.

Video Games / Re: XBOX One officially announced.
« on: May 22, 2013, 04:15:36 AM »
I'll just say that 360 Kinect users had trouble watching the livestream because the Kinect actually listened to what was said on the livestream.

Add to Kinect being pretty much mandatory for Xbox One aaaaaand..... well, suffice to say, griefers (and Hideo Kojima) are so going to have a field day with this.

Random Shit Mk II / Re: Doomed.
« on: April 03, 2013, 12:33:19 PM »
This time, it's not about copyright law or any piece of text that at worst would harm our liberties.

No, some genuine apocalypse is heading in our way as the DPRK are ready to start a nuclear war.

It was nice knowing you, Americans.

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