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Title: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: Fusion on December 30, 2010, 01:18:32 PM
Source: NiN10Doh: ToThe64thPower (

This is easily the worst fangame ever created.  Not because it's bad for a fangame, but because I feel it's insulted the original game.  That Alexlexus has made a mockery of the Street Fighter fanbase as a whole.  There is no thought put into this: Work files are strewn about, there's loads of wasted space.  There's copyrighted music.  There's duplicated music.  There's characters that went unused.  The graphics are inconsistent.  The sounds are inconsistent.  The gameplay is inconsistent!

Alexlexus copy & pasted his MUGEN folder, and began making alterations to that.  He cared little of what was actually necessary to run MUGEN.  He cared so little, that he didn't bother cleaning out the fonts to the minimum required to save file size.  He didn't bother cleaning up the music he wasn't using.  He didn't bother cleaning up the unused characters.  He didn't even bother tweaking the characters so they all played consistently.

(Overall 0/10):


All screenshots are taken directly from the game itself.  Left to right:

1: The Chun-Li on the left is the one in the select grid.  The one on the right is the secret character.
2: Oh look, a Mortal Kombat-themed stage in a Street Fighter game!
3: Seven, in all of her not-Makoto glory.
4: All I did was just spam MP.
Title: Re: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: UHMEEEEBA on December 30, 2010, 02:19:17 PM
How is Chun-li even holding that Proton Canon, I mean just look at it.
Title: Re: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: Fusion on December 30, 2010, 11:28:47 PM
The Longer Version

Believe it or not, Alexlexus left a ton of crap left over from character modifications he made, or characters he made.  It's the classic example of him leaving workfiles all over the damn place.  It bloats up the filesize, and he doesn't care.  But here, it's incredibly easy to tell when he's modified a character for his own personal gain.  Remember, this guy wants to be designing Street Fighter games for Capcom.

In fact, it may be worse than usual.  In several folder, there are complete files for Gouken left over.  In these same folders, the def has usually been modified to use the Gouken files.  He does not manage a file structure well at all.  This wasteful use of resources, on a mastered game disc, would skyrocket loading times because of the useless data dumped on the disc in the middle of data that is being used, increasing seek and load times.

Such little effort has gone into the game that only the characters with pre-programmed Street Fighter III hitsparks have them, while everybody else uses whatever default hitspark they normally have.  That means, the characters made by POTS will be using the Capcom vs. SNK 2 hitspark set.  Consistency, thy name is not Alexlexus.

Still, looking into the folders themselves reveals interesting stuff: Not even Alexlexus is sure how MUGEN works.  Coding a character of my own, I know what files I need and don't need.  Alexlexus simply calls something "done" and releases it as-is, regardless if there's any junk that isn't actually needed any more.  He didn't bother sorting everything out or keeping the naming scheme consistent, so some characters have the complete files for Gouken slammed right in the middle of them.

In fact, some characters have files for other characters as well.  Dark Sean, replacing DG's Sean, has the latter having it's files completely intact, to the point it's possible to rebuild the character.  Makoto also suffers the same fate, being replaced by Seven for some reason.  Her files go completely unused, though in their own folder.  sf3ken has files for Anomaly, Ken Lvl 2, and Gouken, which is a duplicate of Ken Lvl 2's files, but the Anomaly files are the ones that are used in the matching def name.

Even the intro has unused stuff.  It will show the Alexlexus logo in-game, and... That's it.  Goes straight to the attract mode intro.  The intro has a lot more to it than that, about 3000 frames worth of it.  It has credits for the "nMo cast", as well as what I'm assuming are some ads for other places.  This is replacing the files for the Capcom intro, which is also included, but is broken because of external modification by Alexlexus.  Again, more redundant files also present.

I should also mention that this has been "worked on" since 2007.  Though the simultaneous creation of multiple files at one time suggests to me that these files were extracted from archive.  Downloaded, and then modified.  Looking at the creation dates on some of the edited characters, it becomes really clear that he didn't care one bit.  He pushes out something horribly broken, and expects us to fix it for him.

The font folder is a royal mess, because there's fonts from practically every screenpack there is.  The next folder brings us to...

The Legal Issues

Okay, so Alexlexus is going to find himself in a legal bind pretty soon, provided this actually gets views.  First off, there are duplicate songs from hell, and songs from video game soundtracks, including one not-so-cleverly re-tagged just to hide the fact that it's a cropped edit of a Castlevania: Curse of Darkness song.  Not only that, there are also multiple copyrighted songs in here.  By copyrighted, I mean this is what you'd get a DMCA takedown for.  There are various hip hop remixes, and some Michael Jackson songs.  Most of it goes unused, but I'd be wary because... Well, the New Mugen Order page, where this "full game" is hosted, has a PayPal donate button.

Not to mention the countless OC Remixes he's left in for no real reason.  I'm sure he got ParagonX9's permission to use those songs in this manner without using them, though.  Same for clearing up the legal matters with Michael Jackson's attorneys, as well as the record companies that distribute those hip hop albums. 

I also don't think he got permission for the characters he so specially included.  No, that's not like him at this point.  But as I said, I hate him, and this is why.  Therefore, this is my end-all stance on him:

New Mugen Order, his creative ability, his dreams of making video games, amount to nothing more than a facade created by his own ego.  He possesses no individual talent, evidenced by his reliance on everybody else to do his work for him.  When people offer proper fixes, he ignores them if not insults them for daring to help fix something.  He leaves a mess behind with everything he makes, and thinks he's too good to clean up.  He is arrogant enough to assume that his work is on par with the original Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  He assumes that this is going to be some kind of gateway to major game development.  He assumes that he'll get popular for this!  He assumes too much.
Title: Re: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: KoopaKoot on December 31, 2010, 03:30:51 AM
Maybe he gets a kick from all the negative stuff that is said about his projects?  :pedo:
Post by: Brandy Bogard on March 13, 2011, 08:30:11 AM
in b4 fanfic of him masturbating to his criticisms
Title: Re: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: UHMEEEEBA on March 13, 2011, 10:47:30 AM
It's been a few months if they were going to write a fanfic they would have by now.
Title: Re: Fox's Review: Super Street Fighter 3rd Strike Turbo (MUGEN)
Post by: The_None on January 09, 2013, 04:50:23 PM
Yes, this is two years late, but believe me, this is relevant.
Alex's de facto mugen folder sans anamoe Dahnte.wmv (

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